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Heart of Abundance

As I moved forward with the necessary steps to establish Heart of Abundance, LLC, many people asked me how I came up with the name. Well, there's an interesting story behind it all.

Not sure how many of you are familiar with Moana. My little ones love it, so we have watched it a million times in our home. One day while watching the climactic scene where Moana and Maui have to overcome Te Kā to return the heart to Te Feti only to realize that Te Kā is Te Feti (Yeah, that was a mouthful), the song begins to play and Moana informs Te Kā that this is not who she really is. She goes on to say (in my therapeutic interpretation) that the trauma she experienced (Maui stealing her heart) has caused her to turn into this "monster" but this is not who she really is and she must be reconciled...with herself, with her heart.

I lean over to my husband and say, "Oh my goodness. This is what I do as a therapist: I help return their hearts...and this passion comes from me first having to learn how to 'return/reconcile' my own heart. When we have experienced something that we feel has intensely impacted us in a negative way, we can somehow act as 'monsters' (pardon the extreme wording) but that is not who we really are and sometimes we need assistance in doing the work that it takes to get back to our 'state of Te Fiti'."

Waiting for him to give me the major eye roll and scoff that he normally gives when I find a way to "slide therapy into everything", he surprises me by saying, "Dang, babe. That's pretty deep. You should use that in your work."

Figuring that there would be some type of copyright infringement if I named my practice Heart of Te Fiti (but could you imagine for a moment how I could have my office themed out in Moana stuff), I started to think about other words or phrases that captured that idea. Immediately I began to think about the context of the word "Abundant", more so John 10:10b: I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.

See the clip below for those who have not seen it or would like a refresher.

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